DORY and the Clan

During the movie Finding Nemo animated movie, many people will know that the dark blue fish that you love to play cute little cute team to find a little cartoon fish that is finished. Happy ending .. In this part is Finding Dory to the queue of Dory to find the right to find their own family.

The Derry It may not be remembered as a "hooked fish" called Surgeonfish or Tang, which is in the family Acanthuridae in this family. There are many cousins ​​of Dory's cousin. Acanthurus is the second largest species. The unicorn, Naso, Cetacea, Ctenochaetus, The finch, Zebrasoma, Paracanthurus This means that in this genus there is only one member, the Dory. The blue tiger Blue (Blue Tang) Paracanthurus hepatus

The name of the fish, snake, hook or surgeonfish is derived from a lance-like spine or keel bony plate (Keel bony plate) at the base of the tail like a hook. There are a number of different types of thorns in the genus Acanthuridae. There are 1 pair (1 each). This spike is normally folded into the cage at the base of the tail. It is spread out when threatened or shocked by the thoracic spine and fins are a serious weapon that, if pierced, will cause severe pain.

Hooked fish is an important group of fish in coral reefs. It controls the algae that cover the coral, with the mouth and teeth designed to feed on the surface of the teeth. Closer together in a single row on top. And the bottom of the jaw. It is suitable for grazing, eating small algae. And will have a different eating habits from the parrot fish that are usually eaten to eat.

Small fish hooked a small hook. A fish that is popular to fish for a fish. The fish in the Tang. Dory is another popular fish. The appearance of fish hooks in this family is diverse. For example, unicorn fish in the genus Naso, often with long nose or nose, and fish in the genus Zebrasoma in the colorful Zebrasoma and beautiful fins are quite popular species of fish ever.

This diorama is often confused with another cousin, the blue-skinned surgeonfish, Acanthurus leucosternon, found in the Andaman Sea in our home. And often in a large crowd. The Dory is considered a very rare fish. The most in our house. Since diving, I have just met 3 times a single time. I do not know where to find it. Luckily, there are not invited guests to visit it and may invite it to visit Chatuchak Market. I'm with you. The fact that it is very rare to have doubts that it is a lost population of our home or that it has been exhausted because of its high value. If you look at the normal spread in the Indo-Pacific region. We will include the waters in our home. As we dive, there are about 26 species of fish in the house, as well as in the fish guide book on the Andaman Sea in Thailand. It is reported by Uttaradit Phuphin that we can find this fish in our waters to 31 species.

Dicky finds his family in the movie Finding Dory, which is based on the real story of Dory found in our house. If you want This is the only way to be so sad and sad to seek family for warmth. But hopefully it will not be so lonely that I need to find a family at the

Image by Jirapong Jeewarongkakul

Story by Jirapong Jeewarongkakul

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