Moray eel

If one of the 10 most dangerous marine creatures is considered by most divers, Moray eels should be caught in the dive. With a fierce look. The mouth is wide open to show sharp teeth all the time. It's just a matter of time before I get to see it ... Some of the sizes I try to draw are cute and still look good.

Although Moray is a fish that not looks like a fish, it is not a snake, but its predators do not make it a fierce fish to bite the diver. They are shy and peaceful. During the day, usually hidden in the hole. Or coral nests It may be feral and bite to protect yourself if it is provoked or scared. Or in the breeding period.

Moray is a species of eel in the family Muraenidae, which has a diverse family members. Since the dive, I found no less than 15 species of fish in this family. It is a predator in the upper reaches of the food chain in the coral reef. There are a variety of sizes ranging from large species, almost 3 meters long, to small to less than 2 feet in size. No fish scales. The skin and mucus cover the body. Dorsal fin and tail fin connected. Abdomen and pectoral fins Or the ear to reduce the missing. And gill opening to reduce the small hole. Make it breathe through the mouth gulp to pump water into the gill. This makes people see that it is threatening threat, but in fact, he just breathe .. but knowing that he is not fierce, he should not approach him too. Because it may cause him to feel threatened. And may bite to protect themselves.

Moray is often eaten during the night. The smell of the tube is like a tube located high in the nose to the smell of the victim. The moray eel fish include giant shrimps, crabs, giant squid, or even smaller ones. If you pass through it, you get hit. It's like ... they have a high kill. And will not let its victims escape from the attack. It will have two special jaw sets, the outer jaw with sharp teeth that bite the victim. And a pharyngeal jaw that extends over the jaw. To bite and pull the bait into the throat and swallow it down. Even if the bait is large, it can swallow it easily ... If anyone has seen the movie, then it would be thinking of the aliens.

Morayan predators often include large sharks, sea serpents, and other predatory fish. Small moray eel species. Or fish that are not mature. In addition, the meat of Moray eel can also be cooked by the villagers. And the mussels, the Moken u love La Vai popular eel catch to cook. But I have not tried it yet, and I do not think I'll try it. In some coral reefs in the world, ciguatera toxin can be found in Moray as well.

Fish in this family often change sex at the age and size, but during the period of immaturity, it is not possible to distinguish which sex. When growing up in the early stages of life, it is males, and when they grow older, they turn to females in the next. This change is evident in the cabbage eel. This is a member of this family. The favorite of divers.

With life on the reef is a source of food and shelter. We often find moray eels in the coral reefs are abundant. Therefore, if the change of the coral reefs. This group will be the first group to be affected. This may cause the population to decline or disappear from the reef.

Image by Jirapong Jeewarongkakul

Story by Jirapong Jeewarongkakul

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