Parrot Fish : Reef Maker
If a parrotfish is called a coral grower, it would not be wrong to actually. Even though they are not the ones who sow coral reefs on their own. However, the natural eating habits of the beak and the special shape of the teeth. It is a powerful device in the diet of small algae. The coral is covered on dead coral. The open space for coral larvae to land and grow ... The big trees can not grow and grow in the meadow, so .. The coral can not land and grow on the surface of the seaweed. This important role is the fish of the coral reef fish. To make the coral reefs have a place in the coral reef society and grow into a complete reef.
These coral growers will work every day. From west to west. I used to dive in a coral reef in Chumphon province. It is surrounded by hundreds of Scarus rivulatus, which eat algae around them. The sound bites the surface of coral underwater to shake the sound. I started to scare that the fish will be eaten here. But enough to be seen. From the shabby coral area covered by black seaweed. The white coral surface is open, patches of white patches. This will be a new area for coral larvae.
Its diligence makes it possible for people interested in studying the ability of coral fish to grow. (Of course, it is foreigners), which can be concluded that the parrot fish size of 1 kg. Throughout its life (4-6 years depending on species. And luckily) can get rid of algae together. The average area covered is almost 4 acres and increases the chances of the island's coral reefs to about 30. In addition, coral reefs that are caught in the mouth from the crust will be excreted into the sea sand again.

It has been found that. When the phenomenon of coral death is a lot. Like coral bleach Or crown crown prickly epidemic. If there is a parrot fish in the coral reefs normally. It will help the recovery of coral faster than in the coral reef without parrot fish twice.
As people try to grow coral to help the coral recover. It's a great way to make money, but it's not worth the effort. I work hard every day, never complain. And help restore the coral reefs. I do not want the value. Let's just let them live and continue their duties. The beautiful coral will stay for a long time.

... request not to eat parrot fish. It is not a request from the mice who have a beautiful world in the field of lavender. But it is a reasonable request. The results of the study. The coral reefs in many parts of the world continue to eat parrots. The coral reefs deteriorate. I need to stop eating fish ... So stop eating it first. Do not wait for the queue of our house.
Image by Jirapong Jeewarongkakul
story by Jirapong Jeewaronkakul

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